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Welcome to the Rheumatism League Berlin

Living with a disease is not easy. In everyday life, many things do not work out so well. Therefore, many sufferers feel alone and helpless.

Then it helps to meet with other rheumatism sufferers. They have had similar experiences. They also understand how it feels to be ill. Some can give useful tips.

This exchange is available at the Rheumatism League Berlin. We stand by you and your relatives. We help you to live with your illness. Our employees make sure of that. Many of them work for us on a voluntary basis – that is, without pay. We want to support all people in Berlin who have rheumatism. Every rheumatism sufferer should receive a good therapy. And lead an active life without restrictions. We stand up for this also to the politicians. In addition, rheumatism should become curable. That is why we support rheumatism research.

Information in other languages as PDF for download:
english, Download here: Brochure about Deutsche Rheuma Liga
ukrainian, Завантажити брошуру можна тут, Download
turkish, Burada indir: Türk broşür

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